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The technical library has five Collaboration & Innovation (C&I) rooms that were created to further the R&D mission of the Munitions Directorate.  These C&I rooms were designed specifically to facilitate this requirement by providing space for groups to meet, study, and collaborate in a unique on-base location with an off-site atmosphere.  To reserve a room or check availability, please contact the technical library or call 882-3212.

Collaboration Room specfications include the following:

  • Whiteboard and supplies  
  • Audio Teleconferencing
  • Access to NIPRnet and STARNet in each room or WiFi throughout the facility
  • Overhead Projector or 55 & 65" wall mounted monitors
  • Laptops & peripherals (cameras, microphones, mice, keyboards) 
  • Coffee, soft drinks and snacks are available for a fee

Collaboration Room 1 - comfortable seating for up to 15.

Collaboration Room 2 - comfortable seating for up to 12.

Collaboration Rooms 3 & 4 - comfortable seating for 1-4.

Collaboration Room 5 - comfortable seating for up to 10 (Windows Collaboration Display and two 55" monitors available)